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Web-hosting-300x427px.png Blogging Jul 27, 2023 Amanda B. 9min Read 9 Best Blog Name Generators to Find the Perfect Name in 2023 Finding the right name can be one of the most critical steps when starting a blog, as it’s the first element of a site that people will recognize. Luckily, it’s possible to come up with a blog name in no time with the help of a blog or domain name generator. A blog name generator can create and suggest good blog names based on the words that you enter, while some also check whether the name you choose is available as a domain. In this article, we’ll go over the top 9 blog name generators that can produce appealing and brandable blog name ideas. The 9 Best Blog Name Generators 1. Hostinger Business Name Generator 2. Nameboy 3. Wordoid 4. DomainWheel 5. Namify 6. Lean Domain Search 7. Panabee 8. BNG Business Name Generator 9. NameStation Why Do Blog Names Matter How to Find the Perfect Blog Name Keyword-Based Name Brand-Based Name Blog Name Generator FAQ How Do I Decide on a Blog Name? Should I Name My Blog After Myself? How Long Is Too Long for a Blog Name? What Is the Best Top-Level Domain for a Blog? The 9 Best Blog Name Generators In this section, we’ll go over the top online tools that can help you choose the perfect name for your blog. 1. Hostinger Business Name Generator Homepage of the Hostinger AI Business Name Generator Hostinger offers a website builder that features many free toolsin its arsenal, including an easy-to-use AI-powered business name generator. This generator can produce dozens of different ideas related to your blog niche, making it an excellent solution to discover unique, creative blog names. To use the Hostinger business name generator, input keywords that represent your blog topic separated by commas and click the Generate Ideas button. The following example contains fashion blog name ideas generated after entering the keywords “fashion”, “style,” and “trend”: Hostinger's generated blog names with the keywords fashion, style, and trend Since this generator doesn’t show domain name availability, make sure to use a domain finder to see whether a name is available. 2. Nameboy Nameboy blog name generator Nameboy is one of the best blog name generators out there – it can produce plenty of good blog name ideas in just a few seconds. Aside from generating blog names, Nameboy can also help users find a name for their business, podcast, or eCommerce store. Nameboy is extremely straightforward to use as well. Just enter one or two keywords, and it will generate suggestions based on these terms.

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